4inch TFT Touch Shield User Guide


4inch Arduino Touch Shield

Customized demo codes

About Waveshare ILI9486 Library

Thanks to Calvin Hass and M Hotchin, who made and share the Waveshare_ILI9486 library for easy downloading and using.


To get the libraries, you can visit the GitHub page: https://github.com/ImpulseAdventure/Waveshare_ILI9486

Arduino IDE

You can also install it by Arduino Libraries Manager

  • Open Arduino IDE
  • Choose Tools -> Manage Libraries
  • Search for "Waveshare_ILI9486"
  • Find the library and install it
  • After installing, you can run examples by File -> Examples -> Waveshare ILI9486 ->...
Price: $29.89
Part Number: 4inch TFT Touch Shield
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