Raspberry Pi 2.8inch DSI LCD User Guide


  • 2.8-inch IPS capacitive touch screen with hardware resolution of 480×640
  • Capacitive 5-point touch control
  • Tempered glass capacitive touch panel, hardness up to 6H
  • Drive LCD directly through Raspberry Pi's DSI interface with a refresh rate of up to 60Hz
  • Use with Raspberry Pi, support Raspberry Pi OS system
  • Support Pi 4B/3B+/3A+, CM3+/4 must be used with adapter board
  • Supports software control of backlight brightness

Working with Raspberry Pi

Hardware Connection

Use a 15PIN FPC cable to connect the 2.8inch DSI LCD to the DSI interface of the Raspberry Pi.

Software Setting

  1. Download the image of the newest version Raspberry Pi, download the compressed file to the PC and extract the .img file
  2. Connect TF card to PC, use SDFormatter to format TF card
  3. Open Win32DiskImager software, select the system image prepared in step 1 and click write to burn the system image
  4. After the programming is completed, connect the TF card to the Raspberry Pi, start the Raspberry Pi, and log in to the terminal of the Raspberry Pi (you can connect the Raspberry Pi to an HDMI display or log in remotely with ssh)
git clone https://github.com/waveshare/2.8 inch-DSI-LCD.git
cd 2.8 inch-DSI-LCD
#To check the current system, if it is 32-bit system, you will enter 32-bit system. If it is 64-bit system, you will enter 64-bit system.
cd 32
#cd 64
#Enter uname -a to the terminal for checking the version of the kernel, and get the corresponding document content
cd 5.15.32
sudo ./WS_2_8inchDSI480x640_MAIN.sh
sudo reboot
Price: $39.89
Part Number: 2.8inch DSI LCD
Brand: Spotpear
SKU: 0105416