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DTOF Laser Lidar Sensor STL27L 360° Omni Directional Lidar UART Bus


Date:2023-06-06 16:08
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TOF (Time-Of-Flight) Ranging Technology Adopting TOF (Time of Fight) ranging technology, measuring distance according to the time-of-flight of the laser pulse. The maximum ranging distance can reach up to 25m to meet the demand of most commercial applications, and can reach the measurement accuracy of ±20 mm within the effective detection distance of 8m. With efficient algorithm logic to achieve 360° detection of the robots, autonomous mapping, and obstacle detection...

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Product Overview

[] The STL-27L consists mainly of a laser ranging core, a wireless power transmission unit, a wireless communication unit, an angle measurement unit, a motor drive unit, and a mechanical case.

[] The laser ranging core of the STL-27L uses DTOF (Direct Time of Flight) technology, enabling it to perform 21,600 distance measurements per second. During each measurement, the lidar emits infrared laser beams that are reflected back to a single photon-receiving unit upon encountering a target object. By comparing the time when the laser is emitted and the time when it is received by the photon receiving unit, we can calculate the flight time of the laser, which, combined with the speed of light, allows us to determine the distance. After obtaining the distance data, it is fused with the angle measurements from the angle measurement unit to form point cloud data. This data is then wirelessly transmitted to an external interface.

[] The STL-27L has a compact and small structure, with the same shape and mounting holes as the LD19 lidar. It is suitable for applications that have strict requirements on space and appearance.

Product Features

[] Maximum range is 25m, meeting most commercial service robot application scenarios.

[] High-range accuracy at close range (0.03~2m), with average error within ±15mm.

[] Extremely small size, easy to integrate design, and ensure the aesthetics of customer products.

[] Strong resistance to environmental light interference, to meet the use of 60Klux environment.

[] Support for glass wall detection.

[] Laser safety in line with FDA Class 1 standards.

[] Compact appearance.

[] Stable performance with a lifetime of up to 10,000 hours.

Product Specifications





±15mm@0.03m-2m, STD 5mm

±20mm@2m-8m, STD 15mm;

±30mm@>8m, STD 25mm

[] SCANNING FREQUENCY : 6Hz~13Hz (10Hz by default)


[] PITCH ANGLE ERROR : 0.5°~2°

[] YAW ANGLE ERROR : -1°~1°

[] AMBIENT LIGHT RESISTANCE : 60Lux (tested under sunlight condition)

[] WAVELENGTH : 895nm~905nm (Typ 905nm)


[] POWER SUPPLY : 4.5v~5.5v




[] PWM DUTY CYCLE : 40%~100%

[] DIMENSIONS : 54.00*46.29*34.80 mm (L × W × H)

[] LIFETIME : 10000h

Application Scenarios

[] Education and research

[] Robot obstacle avoidance

[] Measurement and inspection

[] Smart gesture control

[] 2D gesture recognition

[] Autonomous navigation

[] Map reconstruction

[] Navigation and positioning

Supports Start-Stop Control Via Software

[] Open source for demo, schematic diagram and other resources of the adapter board, enabling personalized development and Lidar operation control, effectively prolonging its lifetime.

More Stable Performance, Long Lasting Lifetime

[] Adopts Coaxial brushless motor, quiet without friction, supports high-speed wireless data transmission with stable performance. Features a longer lasting lifetime up to 10000+ hours, meets the requirement of low failure rates in the projects.

360° Omni-Directional Laser Scanning

[] Rotates clockwise in the ranging core to achieve 360-degree scanning and ranging of the surrounding environment, thus obtaining the contour map of the surrounding environment and the point cloud information of the location of obstacles

Ranging Radius Up To 25m

[] Longer Ranging Distance, Can Obtain the Environmental Information in A Farther Range, Ensuring The Large-Area Cruising And Mapping Capabilities Of the Robots

[] * The ranging distance data is obtained by repeated measurements of STL27L and a target surface with 80.6% reflectivity under laboratory conditions.

High Real-Time & Accurate Map Building

[] Supports scanning at 10Hz and measuring distance at a rate of 21600Hz, effectively reducing navigation blind spots and improving scanning coverage

Multi-Echo Detection Technology, Supports Glass Wall Detection

[] Supports glass wall detection at specific angles through multi-echo detection technology, reducing collisions during robot operation and increasing safety

Strong Ambient Light Resistance

[] Adopts excellent filtering technology to meet the use in 60Klux strong light, suitable for a variety of indoor and outdoor scenarios

Exquisite, Compact, Easier To Integrate

[] It adopts a compact structure design, smaller size, lower power consumption, and can be embedded inside the robot to reduce the overall size and improve its passability.

Laser Safety FDA Class 1

[] To ensure the safety for humans and pets, a low power infrared laser emitter is used as the light source and is driven by modulated pulses, the laser completes the emitting action in a very short period of time, complying with the FDA Class 1 human eye safety rating

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