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Raspberry Pi SIM868 PPP Dail-up Networking User Guide

SIM868 module features GPRS function (2G Network), so we could use SIM868 module to dial-up networking using PPP.

As we know, SIM868 module features GPRS function, however, it is controlled with AT instructions, and AT instruction is not convenient in Raspberry Pi. If the function could be operated just like operate WIFI it will be much better. In this case, we describe how to use PPP to dial-up networking.

  • Fistly, we need to install PPP server
sudo apt-get install ppp
  • Switch to root permission
sudo su
  • Enter the directory /etc/ppp/peers, copy the file provider and name it gprs
cd /etc/ppp/peers
cp provider gprs
  • Open file gprs and edit it
sudo nano gprs

  • Exeute the command as below to run it in the background
pppd call gprs &

  • Close the network
ifconfig eth0 down
ifconfig wlan0 down
route add -net ppp0
  • Then execute command ifconfig you can find the ppp0

  • Finally, just try to ping one web site like google or baidu.com. If you can ping the web site successfully, it means that the setting is correct and it can network now.

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