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2-CH RS485 HAT


This is a dual-channel isolated RS485 extension board specially designed for raspberry PI, which adopts SC16IS752+SP3485 solution, embed with protection circuits such as power supply isolation, ADI magnetical isolation, and TVS diode, etc. It is easy to control the 2-channel RS485 for auto transceiving via SPI interface. Due to its fast communication, stability, reliability, and safety, it is an ideal choice for fields like industrial automation.


VCC3.3V/5V Power
SCLKSPI Clock input
MOSISPI Data input
MISOSPI Data output
CSSPI Chip Selection
IRQInterrupt output (Interrupt Request)
EN1Channel 1 output enable
EN2Channel 2 output enable

Working principle


This product adopts SC16IS752 as controller. SC16IS752 is a dual-channel high-performance UART expansion chip that supports SPI and I2C interfaces communication. This module uses SPI interface. Onboard power isolation, ADI magnetic coupler isolation, onboard TVS (transient voltage suppression tube), self-recovery fuses, protection diodes, and automatic transceiver switching circuit. It can effectively suppress the surge voltage and transient peak voltage in the circuit, prevent lightning and static electricity, prevent over-voltage, improve the anti-impact ability, can conduct signal isolation, with high dependence, strong anti-interference, low power consumption advantages, etc.

Communication protocol

  • CS:Slave chip selection, when CS is low, the slave chip is enabled.
  • SCLK:SPI communication clock
  • MOSI/SI:SPI Communication master sends, slave receives
  • MOSI/SI:SPI Communication master receives, slave sends
  • Timing Sequence:CPHL=0, CPOL=0 (SPI0)

How to use

We provide C and Python demo codes for Raspberry Pi. A quick testing example is provided in python.

Hardware Connection

To run examples, you should prepare an external RS485 to UART module, connect it to Channel 1 of 2-CH RS485 HAT.

If you test the 2-CH RS485 HAT with the text.py example, you need to wire Channel 1 and Channel 2 of 2-CH RS485 HAT.

485 PINRaspberry Pi(BCM)

Software setup

  • Open the terminal and modify config.txt file by commands:
sudo nano /boot/config.txt
  • Add the line below to the file, the int_pin should be set according to the actual welding:
  • Then restart Raspberry Pi
sudo reboot
  • After rebooting, the driver of SC16IS752 will be loaded into the system kernel. You can run command ls /dev to check the following devices:

Install Libraries

  • Install wiringpi
sudo apt-get install wiringpi
# An upgrade may be required for raspberry PI 4B:
cd /tmp
wget https://project-downloads.drogon.net/wiringpi-latest.deb
sudo dpkg -i wiringpi-latest.deb
gpio -v
# Running gpio-v to check if the version is 2.52, If it is not, you need to check the installation again.
  • Install the python2 library
sudo apt-get update
sudo apt-get install python-pip
sudo pip install RPi.GPIO
sudo apt-get install python-serial
  • Install the python3 library
sudo apt-get update
sudo apt-get install python3-pip
sudo pip3 install RPi.GPIO
sudo apt-get install python3-serial


  • Download and run the examples:
sudo apt-get install p7zip-full
wget http://www.waveshare.net/w/upload/4/44/2-CH_RS485_HAT_code.7z
7z x 2-CH_RS485_HAT_code.7z
sudo chmod 777 -R  2-CH_RS485_HAT
cd 2-CH_RS485_HAT/
  • You can also clone the project from our Github:
sudo git clone https://github.com/waveshare/2-CH-RS485-HAT
cd 2-CH-RS485-HAT/
  • C program
cd c
make clean
sudo ./main
  • Python program
cd python 
cd examples
sudo python main.py

Hardware connection: Channel 1 of the 2-CH RS485 HAT is connected to the USB TO USB TO RS232/485/TTL

Connect USB TO USB TO RS232/485/TTL to the computer, open the serial port assistant software, select the corresponding serial port, and set the baud rate to 115200.

  • Run the C program, the data sent by computer will all be received by Raspberry Pi, as below:

Note: The path of the samples is based on the actual directory;

  • Run the main.py, the data sent by computer will all be received by Raspberry Pi, as below:

Note: The path of the samples is based on the actual directory;

If you don't have other RS485 devices, you can choose the test method as follow by connecting channel 1 with channel 2:

  • Running result of test.py :

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