MEGA2560 R3 development board ATMEGA16U2 for Arduino


Part Number:MEGA2560 R3

Date:2022/04/13 16:40

MEGA2560 R3 development board ATMEGA16U2 for Arduino

About Mega

  • Mega is a microcontroller development board with ATmega2560 as the core. It has 54 groups of digital I/O input/output terminals (14 groups of which can be used for PWM output), 16 groups of analog input terminals, and 4 groups of UART (hardware serial ports). ), using a 16 MHz crystal oscillator. Because of the bootloader, the program can be downloaded directly through USB without going through other external programmers. The power supply part can choose to supply power directly from USB, or use AC-to-DC adapter and battery as external power supply.
  • Due to the open source code and the C language development environment using Java concepts (cross-platform), the peripheral modules and applications of rduino have grown rapidly. The main reason for attracting Artists to use rduino is that they can quickly use the rduino language to communicate with software such as Flash or Processing... to create multimedia interactive works. The rduino development IDE interface is based on the principle of open source code, which allows you to download and use it for free for project production, school teaching, motor control, interactive works, etc.

Power Design

  • Mega's power supply system has two options, USB direct power supply or external power supply. The selection of power supply will switch automatically. For external power supply, you can choose AC-to-DC adapter or battery. The limit voltage range of this control board is 6V~12V, but if the supplied voltage is less than 6V, the I/O port may not be able to supply the voltage up to 5V, so there will be inconsistencies. Stable; if the supplied voltage is greater than 12V, the voltage regulator may be overheated and more likely to damage the MEGA. Therefore, the recommended operating power supply is 6.5~12V, and the recommended power supply is 7V or 12V.