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Industrial USB TO TTL Converter, Original CH343G, Multi Protection & Systems Support


Date:2022-02-11 13:31
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Industrial USB TO TTL Converter, Original CH343G, Multi Protection & Systems Support


Original CH343G | Stable Transmission | Multi Devices | Multi Systems


Features At A Glance
  • On-board resettable fuse and TVS diode, anti-overcurrent and overvoltage, anti-backflow, anti-static, improve shock resistance, stable and safe communication
  • On-board IO protection circuit, anti-surge, stable and safe communication
  • Onboard TTL serial port 3.3V and 5V level conversion circuit, can switch TTL communication level
  • Onboard 3 LED indicators for easy viewing of power and signal sending and receiving status
  • Plastic shell, frosted treatment, exquisite workmanship
  • DC simple bull socket interface, smooth plug and unplug, firm and reliable, prevent reverse connection
Product parameters
  • Product type: Industrial Grade USB to TTL Converter
  • Host interface: USB
  • Communication rate: 50bps ~ 6Mbps
  • Device interface: UART
  • USB interface

------Interface form: USB-A type interface

------Interface protection: resettable fuse, ESD electrostatic protection

  • UART interface

------Interface form: terminal block

------Interface form: 8PIN foolproof interface

------Interface protection: IO protection diode circuit

  • Indicator light

------PWR: Power indicator, connected to USB, lights up when voltage is detected

------TXD: Send indicator, it lights up when data is sent from the USB port

------RXD: Receive indicator, light up when data is sent back from the device interface

Original Chip Onboard

Adopts Original CH343G Converter, Providing Better Stability And Compatibility, Enabling Industrial Grade High Performance Communication Between Computer And TTL Devices

Multiple Systems Support

Compatible With Popular Systems Like Win7/8/8.1/10/11, Mac, Linux, Android...

Three LED Indicators

Easily Checking The Operating Status, Convenient For Programming / Debugging

USB Signal and Adapter Pin Description

Vcan provide 5V voltage to external devicesHOST PORTUSB
VCCcan provide 5V or 3.3V voltage to external devices (set by switch)DEVICE PORTUART
GNDconnect to GND
TXDconnect to MCU.RXD
RXDconnect to MCU.TXD
connect to MCU.CTS
connect to MCU.RTS 
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