LD3320 Board (B) horizontal pinheader


Part Number:LD3320 Board (B)

Date:2020/09/15 14:29

Non-specific speech recognition module supporting SPI interface and parallel interface, onboard microphone and active crystal oscillator, convenient for speech recognition, voice control and human-machine dialogue in electronic products.


  • Operating voltage: 3.3V (must be driven by a single-chip microcomputer with a 3.3V level)
  • Power saving mode current: 1uA


  • Induction Cooker / Microwave Oven / Smart Appliance Operation, Navigator, Vending Machine, MP3/MP4, Digital Photo Frame, Smart Toys / Conversation Toys, PMP / Game Console
  • Set-top box / color TV remote control, subway ticket vending machine, tour guide, building TV advertising on demand, public lighting system / health system / smart home voice control