XBee USB Adapter


Part Number:XBee USB Adapter

Date:2020/08/13 18:07

XBee USB Adapter
UART Communication Board, XBee Interface, USB Interface


XBee USB Adapter Overview

XBee USB Adapter is a UART communication board which supports XBee connectivity, features UART interface, USB interface, and onboard buttons/LEDs, provides an easy way for developing/debugging.

It can be used in the following situations :

  • Test XBee modules: onboard buttons/LEDs for easy testing
  • Program/Configure XBee modules: make it easy to program/configure the XBee modules frequently
  • USB to UART module: features CP2102, provides UART interface and power output interface, connect it to your system easily

Note : XBee modules above refer to modules with XBee-compatible interface, like: Core2530 (B)Dual-mode Bluetooth, etc.


Note : the XBee/ZigBee modules in the photos are NOT included.

Pin Definition