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Raspberry Pi Pico RP2040 bit board Size & Port high Compatible BBC micro bit


Date:2023-02-15 18:03
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Raspberry Pi Pico RP2040 bit board Size & Port high Compatible BBC micro bit

 Note: Do not include Raspberry Pi Pico and BBC Micro bit, Please Buy alone.


  • RP2040:bit Board Based On Raspberry Pi Microcontroller RP2040,
    ARM development board for programming education for teenagers, compatible with BBC Micro: bit size(4cm×5cm)
  • You can use your RP2040:bit Board for all sorts of cool creations,
    such as Write electronic games, musical instrument, robot control, scientific experiments and wearable device development.
  • Compared with Raspberry Pi Pico Official version,
    Alligator clip are more suitable for Children programming education, Onboard LED dot matrix and button, higher playability.
  • Retain Raspberry Pi Pico official interface on the back of the board,
    Simultaneous compatible with Pico expansion board and Micro bit compatible module

   RP2040: bit board Resource Introduction

  • Based on Raspberry Pi RP2040 processor
  • On-board W25Q16 16M flash Memory chip
  • On-board 5×5 LED matrix, each LED can be programmed separately.
  • On-board two programmable buttons, used to control the game or pause and switch songs in the playlist

   Comparison with Micro: bit

   Interface introduction

  • Retain Raspberry Pi Pico official interface on the back of the board (Package Contains No weld), Compatible with Pico expansion board