Raspberry Pi Camera USB Webcam Camera 720P 1 megapixel driver-free


Part Number:USB Camera 720P

Date:2021/11/03 16:01

Raspberry Pi Camera USB Webcam Camera 720P 1 megapixel driver-free


NameHBv-USB-RPI-720P V44
Pixel 1 megapixel 720P 
Photosensitive chipOV9726 (1/6.5”)
Focus field of view/focal length66°/2.8mm  43°/3.0mm   42°/3.0mm
 MJPEG 320×24030FPS / YUY2320×24030FPS
MJPEG640×360 30FPS / YUY2 640×360 30FPS
MJPEG640x48030FPS / YUY2 640x48030FPS
MJPEG 1280x72030FPS / YUY21280x72010FPS
MJPEG1280×80030FPS / YUY21280×800 10FPS
Focus methodFixed focus / manual focus (twist lens) 
Function720P driver-free 
support Raspberry Pi versionsupport Raspberry pi 2/4/3B/3B+
support systemWinXPWin7/Win8/Win10/MAC OSx/LinuxlAndroid
CableStandard 1M USB male test cable
42 degree size25mm x 24mm x 11.8mm±0.2MM
43 degree size
25mm x 24mm x 23.8mm±0.5MM
66 degree size
25mm x 24mm x 4.0mm±0.2MM
Led boardNote: Only cameras that support infrared night vision can access infrared lights