Raspberry Pi 3.5inch Resistive Touch Display (C), 480×320, High-Speed SPI


Part Number:3.5inch RPi LCD (C)

Date:2020/10/13 10:28

3.5inch Resistive Touch Display (C) for Raspberry Pi, 480×320, 125MHz High-Speed SPI

3.5" Touch Display For Raspberry Pi

Device & System Support

  • Raspberry Pi
  • Supports Raspbian / Ubuntu MATE* / Kali / Retropie, driver provided
  • Supports FBCP software driver, allows setting software resolution and dual-display
  • Supports all versions of Raspberry Pi
  • * Ubuntu MATE on Pi 4B is not available now, until the official image is released

Working With Raspberry Pi 4

Working With Raspberry Pi 3B+

Working With Raspberry Pi Zero W


FBCP Software Driver Support
Allows Setting Software Resolution And Dual-Display (About 50Hz Refresh Rate)

Touch Control

Comes With Stylus

Appearance And Dimensions