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USB Voice module JQ8400 FL Serial port control copy synthesis module music IC chip voice prompter


Date:2023-06-08 11:30
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USB Voice module JQ8400-FL Serial port control copy synthesis module music IC chip voice prompter


[] USB Voice module JQ8400-FL Serial port control copy synthesis module music IC chip voice prompter


[] Supports MP3 WAV hardware decoding.

[] Supports FAT file system

[] support the sampling rate (KHz) : 8/11.025/12/16/22 05/24/32/44.1/48

[] 24 bit.DAC output adopts DSP hardware decoding, non-PWM output, dynamic range support 90dB, signal ratio 85dB

[] Multiple control modes, two-line serial port mode, one-line serial port control

[] support SPIFLASH simulation into a U disk, directly like the operation of U disk update SPIFLASH voice 7, support the last song, the next song, play, pause, stop, music selection, and other common function control

[] Support the acquisition of the number of playing tracks, total tracks and catalog total tracks and other information

[] support a variety of information query, easy to obtain the current status of the voice chip

[] support the specified repertoire, that is, you can pause the current playing music, play the repertoire, after playing back, Play back to the original track at the breakpoint

[] support Chinese and English path insertion, in addition to the specified track insertion, also support the specified path insertion, only need to send, The path to send the broadcast can be easily realized

[] Support to specify the Chinese and English path to play, without knowing the serial number of the content to be played, directly send to the path Can.

[] support intelligent combination play, specific folder in the song combination, send the track name can be combined. 14. Support 30 levels of volume adjustment

[] Support 5 EQ adjustment

[] support 7 kinds of play mode control, can adapt to different applications 17, support the number of Settings, more applications, more user-friendly

[] support system deep sleep, the current is as low as 600 microamps after sleep, can be awakened by a line string and command IO 19, support specified time fast forward, fast back

[] Supports replay within a specified period

[] Dedicated BUSY signal output instruction is supported

[] mature instructions and instruction parsing, make the application more stable

[] special supporting upper computer, fast start, easy debugging, automatic generation of instructions

Examples of application sites

[] Vehicle-mounted navigation voice broadcast;

[] highway transport inspection, toll station voice prompt 

[] railway station, bus station safety inspection voice prompt 

[] power, communications, financial business hall voice prompt

[] vehicle in and out of the channel verification voice prompt

[] public security border inspection channel voice prompt

[] Multiple voice alarms or device operation guidance voice

[] 8. Voice notification for safe driving of electric sightseeing vehicles

[] mechanical and electrical equipment fault automatic alarm

[] fire voice alarm prompt

[] automatic broadcast equipment, timed broadcast

[] Treadmill voice navigation

Hardware parameters

[] MP3 file format: 

1. Support all bit rate 11172-3 and ISO13813-3 layer3 audio decoding

2. the sampling rate support (KHZ) : 8/11.025/12/16/22 05/24/32/44.1/48

3. support Normal, Jazz, Classic, Pop, Rock and other sound effects

[] USB interface: 2.0 standard

[] UART interface: First-line serial port, standard serial port, TTL level

[] Input voltage: DC3.3-5.2V, 5V supply is recommended :IO level is 3.3V

[] Rated current: Sleep current :500uA; Operating current :10MA

[] PCB size: 18*25 mm

[] Working temperature: - 40 degrees - 85 degrees

[] Humidity: 5%~95%

Pinout Definition

1. ONE LINE: One - line serial port control pin

2. BUSY: Busy signal pin, high when playing, other low

3. RX: Chip serial port receiving pin, connected to the MCU TX pin

4. TX: The serial port sending pin of the chip is connected to the RX pin of MCU

5. GND: Chip digital ground

6. DC-5V: Chip power supply pin,3.3-5.2V, 5V is recommended

7. DAC-R: DAC audio output right channel

8. DAC-L: DAC audio output left channel

9. SPK-: Answer the horn

10.SPK+: Answer the horn 

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