Raspberry Pi LED Test board IO Board All gpio test board starter board easy test board


Part Number:Pi ALL GPIO test board (A)

Date:2022/05/16 17:39

Raspberry Pi LED Test board IO Board All gpio test board starter board easy test board


  • Based on Raspberry Pi 40pin design, It can be inserted directly.
  • Lead out all GPIO function pins to test whether all pins function well.
  • As a demo board , test whether all pins of Raspberry Pi zero/3B/4B/CM4 are in good condition.
  • As an expanding board, this module includes LED, basic function, You can get started easily.
  • It is a easy expanding board for Raspberry Pi beginner.
  • Zero Size , also work for 3B/4B/CM4
  • With demo code and user guide , easy to use

Which pins are used?


Do not include Raspberry Pi and Zero