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Raspberry Pi Compute Module 4 PCIe TO M.2 Adapter


Part Number:PCIe TO M.2 (A)

Date:2021/01/18 15:49

PCIe TO M.2 Adapter, Supports Raspberry Pi Compute Module 4


Adapter For NVMe Protocol M.2 SSD, Faster Reading/Writing, Improving Efficiency

Supports Raspberry Pi Compute Module 4

Compatible With Multi PCI-E Specifications

Supports Base Boards With PCI-E×1 / ×4 / ×8 / ×16 Socket, Supports CM4

Faster Reading/Writing

Faster Reading/Writing Speed Than HDD, Greatly Boosting Drive Performance

* The data above comes from Waveshare testing, for reference only.
NVMe Drive Protocol Support
Compatible With Different Sizes Of M.2 SSD
Onboard Operating Indicator

The LED Lights Up When Power-On, And Keeps Blinking While Reading/Writing

Outline Dimensions