raspberry pi 9 layers case and fan

【9 layers case】
【and fan for】
【raspberry pi】

Part Number  9 layers case and fan for raspberry pi   
Manufacturer SpotPear 
Price Break@ 1Unit@ 20Units@ 100Units
Unit Price($) 6.8 6.8 6.8
Overview Raspberry PI 9 layers and each layer is laser-cut from acrylic The Mini handy fan is good for ventilation and keep quiet


【The Case】

  • supports raspberry Pi 3/Pi2 Model B+
  • Color : Black and Transparent 
  • material : Acrylic

【The Fan】

  • The voltage: 4.5-5V
  • The current: 0.2A
  • The noise: 18db

Package Contains
  • 9 layers case x 1
  • the fan x 1