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Raspberry Pi GPM280 User Guide


  • 2.8inch IPS Screen, 640×480 pixel, 70% NTSC color gamut
  • 60fps smooth gaming experience
  • Fully laminated toughened glass panel, anti-fingerprint technique
  • Compatible with CM3/CM3+
  • Indicators for batteries
  • Game ROMs Are Updatable Via WiFi

Basic introduction

【Note】The battery life indicators indicate the battery power of the GPM2803P1 through the three colors of green, blue, and red from high to low.

  • The default image we provide on the SD card to users is the Recalbox system, which is better optimized for portable game consoles, but the optimization for some emulators maybe not so good.
  • In addition, we also provide the Retropie system. The boot-up speed of this system is slower than the Recalbox system, but the optimization of most simulators is better.
  • If you want to use the Retropie system, please check the following information in detail.

Introduction to the use of Recalbox system

Setup WIFI in Recalbox OS

  • Press START to enter the MENU
  • Select NETWORK SETTING, press B to confirm (in Recalbox system, B is to confirm, A is to exit)

  • Set the ENABLE WIFI to ON
  • Choose "WIFI SSID" and enter the SSID
  • Choose "WIFI KEY" and enter the password
  • Click close and wait for WiFi connection
  • After WiFi connection, you can see the IP address of the GPM2803P1 in "IP ADDRESS".

【Note】If the GPM2803P1 cannot connect to WiFi, please try:

1. Connect to the WiFi network with your mobile phone first to check whether the phone can be connected to the Internet normally.

2. Wi-Fi connection may take a long time. You can exit the NETWORK SETTING interface first, enter the NETWORK SETTING interface again after a few minutes to check whether it has connected normally.

3. It is normal if the STATUS shows 'NOT CONNECTED', as long as the IP is obtained.

Add new games on the Recalbox system

1.Enter the IP address obtained in the NETWORK SETTING to the Browser of your PC (the PC needs to be in the same local area network as the GPM280). And then press Enter to open the Recalbox manager. As shown in the picture below:

2.Before adding ROMs, please check whether the storage space is enough, as shown in the picture below:

3.If the current storage capacity is low, please try to expand the File System of your TF card.

The image we provided on the TF card has already been expanded the File System. But if you want to use your own TF card or update the image, you need to expand or re-expand the File System yourself.

4. After confirming that the storage space is enough, please select ROMs and then choose 'Game Boy Advance', click 'Stop ES'.

Price: $169.89
Part Number: GPM2803P0
Brand: Spotpear
SKU: 0104012