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Raspberry Pi Pico RGB LED dot matrix display full-color multi-function digital clock 64×32


Part Number:Pico-RGB-Matrix-P3-64x32

Date:2021/09/02 13:58

Raspberry Pi Pico RGB LED dot matrix display full-color multi-function digital clock 64×32 

Raspberry Pi Pico RGB LED

64×32 full-color LED display, high-precision clock, multi-function
Open source, self-programming, learning and expanding more functions 

Features At A Glance

A full-color LED dot matrix digital electronic clock specially designed for Raspberry Pi Pico, onboard high-precision DS3231 RTC clock chip, photosensitive sensor, buzzer, infrared and buttons and other peripherals, can realize high-precision electronic clock, temperature display, automatic Brightness, alarm clock, button settings and other functions, provide complete open source code and development tutorials to help you quickly get started with Raspberry Pi Pico and create your own creative electronic clock.

  • Onboard Raspberry Pi Pico interface, suitable for Raspberry Pi Pico series motherboards
  • Adopt P3 small-pitch full-color LED display, onboard 2048 RGB LEDs, 64×32 pixels, 3mm pitch, can display text, color pictures or animation
  • The onboard high-precision DS3231 RTC clock chip, with a backup battery holder (supporting battery), can still time normally after power off
  • -------Year, month, week, day, hour, minute, second can be timed, year count can be up to 2100 AD, with leap year compensation function
  • -------Choice of 24-hour or 12-hour clock (AM / PM format)
  • -------Two programmable alarm clocks
  • -------Digital temperature sensor output: accuracy of ±3°C
  • The onboard photosensitive sensor can intelligently adjust the brightness according to the ambient light, saving power and protecting the eyes
  • Onboard buzzer, can be used for alarm clock or hourly timekeeping, etc.
  • The onboard infrared receiver is equipped with an infrared remote control, which can be used for infrared wireless remote control
  • 5 buttons on board, which can be used to set electronic clock, reset and burn program
  • Equipped with high-quality acrylic back panel and shading board, the overall appearance is beautiful, and the display is more comfortable
  • Provide complete supporting information manuals (sample programs such as Raspberry Pi Pico C/C++ and MicroPython) 
Raspberry Pi Pico Header Compatibility

Support access to Raspberry Pi Pico and some Pico expansion boards 

This product does not contain Pico motherboards and Pico expansion boards, which need to be purchased separately! Dot matrix screen needs Pico driver to display normally! Suggest additional purchase: Raspberry-Pi-Pico 

creative electronic clock

Use with Raspberry Pi Pico, power supply and debugging via USB, quick start, support C/Python programming, open source software and hardware, complete learning and development tutorials 

Onboard DS3231 high-precision clock chip 

Adopting DS3231 high-precision clock chip, accurate timekeeping, temperature measurement, built-in RTC backup battery, and normal timekeeping even when power off 

Onboard photosensitive sensor and buzzer  

After sensing the ambient light by the photosensitive sensor, the display brightness can be automatically adjusted, and the buzzer can be used for alarm clock, hourly hour or playing music  

Support infrared remote control 

The onboard infrared receiver is equipped with an infrared remote control, wireless remote control is more convenient  

Support multiple software functions 

Support time/date/week display, support button setting clock, support graphic dynamic display, of course, you can also develop and expand more software functions independently  

Support cascading multiple LED displays 

Reserve HUB75 input and output interfaces, which can be cascaded with multiple LED displays 

Note: When cascading multi-screen display, make sure that each RGB LED display has a power supply above 5V/2.5A 

Add acrylic panel effect  

scenes to be used  

Outline Dimensions