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Universal RGB LED Digits dot matrix display full color 64×32 adjustable brightness


Part Number:RGB-Matrix-P3-64x32

Date:2021/09/02 13:17

Universal RGB LED Digits dot matrix display full color 64×32 adjustable brightness 


Onboard 2048 RGB LEDs, 3mm pitch
Support Raspberry Pi, Pi Pico, ESP32, Arduino, etc.

Features At A Glance
  • Using 2048 RGB LEDs, full-color display, adjustable brightness
  • The resolution is 64×32, the dot pitch is 3mm, and it can display text, color pictures or animation
  • The size is 192×96mm, the size is moderate, suitable for DIY some desktop or wall-mounted display applications
  • There are two HUB75 ports on board, one input is used to connect to the controller; one output, multiple screens can be cascaded
  • Provide open source materials and tutorials, which can be used for development boards such as Raspberry Pi, Pico, ESP32, Arduino, etc. 
size192mm × 96mmDrive way 1/16 scan 
Resolution64×32=2048 DOTSInterface HUB75
Pixel pitch 3mmSupply voltage 5V / 2.5A (VH4 socket input) 
Pixel composition1R1G1Bpower ≤12W
Viewing angle≥160°WAY TO CONTROL
Synchronous control
Interface definition

Pin name Function
Pin name 
VCC5V power input 
GNDPower ground 
R1High R data 
R2Low R data 
G1High G data 
G2Low G data 
B1High B data 
B2Low B data 
Aline selection BB line selection
Cline selection DD line selection
Eline selection CLKClock input 
LAT/STBLatch pin 
OEOutput enable 
LED displays 

Support cascading multiple LED displays
Reserve HUB75 input and output interfaces, which can be cascaded with multiple LED displays 

Note: When cascading multi-screen display, make sure that each RGB LED display has a power supply above 5V/2.5A. 

scenes to be used 

Outline Dimensions