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Beaglebone RS485 CAN CAPE


Part Number:RS485 CAN CAPE

Date:2020/08/14 18:49

BB Black Expansion CAPE, Features RS485 And CAN Interfaces

What's on the RS485 CAN CAPE

  1. BB Black connector : for connecting BB Black
  2. CAN pinheader
  3. CAN screw terminal
  4. RS485 pinheader
  5. RS485 screw terminal
  6. DEBUG interface : for debugging BB Black OR other connected modules
  7. Power expansion pinheader : for connecting external power supply
  8. BB Black BOOT selection button
  9. CAN transceiver
  10. RS485 transceiver
  11. Power indicator
  12. BB Black UART TXD selection jumper
  13. BB Black UART RXD selection jumper
  14. RS485 transceiver enable jumper

RS485 CAN CAPE Photos