PLA 1.75MM 1KG (A)

【PLA 1.75MM】
【1KG (A)】

Part Number PLA 1.75MM 1KG (A)   
Manufacturer SpotPear 
Price Break@ 1Unit@ 20Units@ 100Units
Unit Price($) 16 15.98 15.5
Overview This 2.2lbs 1.75mm PLA filament is useful in a broad range of printing applications and has the virtue of being both odorless and low-warp. PLA is also one of the more eco-friendly 3D printing materials available. It is made from annually renewable resources and requires less energy to process than traditional plastics.


After payment, please leave a message, what color do you want.For example: red

    • colors(17):natural(translucent),dark blue,black,white,yellow,purple,pink,green,orange,
    • Material:PLA
    • Size:1.75mm/3.00mm±0.05mm
    • Weight:1KG
    • Printing Temperature:200 - 250° C
    • High toughness
    • size

Package Contains
  • PLA 1.75MM 1KG (A) x 1